My Invasions

My Invasions

My Invasion Blog was a blog set up by Ursula Blake to record the events of the Sycorax invasion over Christmas of While both she and the Tenth Doctor celebrated in London on Christmas night, Ursula took a photo of him and posted it to the blog. In early , Ursula met Elton Pope because he recognised the Doctor's photo on the blog. (TV: Love & Monsters) Several websites from the Doctor.

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This is a list of invasions ordered by date. An invasion is a military offensive in which sizable number of combatants of one geopolitical entity aggressively enter territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objectives of establishing or re-establishing control, retaliation for real or perceived actions, liberation of previously lost territory, forcing the partition of a.

 · On reflection, I have decided that my failed invasion of Afghanistan should be blamed on the people I invaded. Particularly, that the leaders of Afghanistan were so corrupt.

 · My Home Invasion Story: Break In & Robbery Attempt – While I Was Home. When I was 16 or 17, I was home whilst someone attempted to break in. The experience ended well for me (not so much for the perp), but I figured it would be interesting to discuss, since enough years have passed and I can look back on the situation critically.

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