Contaminated Morphemes

Contaminated Morphemes

Exercise: Identifying Morphemes Count the number of morphemes in each word. Underline the bound morphemes. Example: unpresentable-- 3 morphemes; un- and –able are bound morphemes. 1. alligator 2. calmly 3. running 4. blindness 5. stapler 6. bargain 7. regrouping 8. undeniable 9. assertion certainly corner prepay tighten 14 File Size: 12KB.

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The properties of morphemes The analysis of words into morphemes begins with the isolation of morphs.A morph is a physical form representing some morpheme in a language. It is a recurrent distinctive sound (phoneme) or sequence of sounds (phonemes).File Size: KB.

 · A morpheme is the smallest unit of language to have meaning. For instance, “rattlesnakes” contains three morphemes: the two that make up the compound noun, “rattle” and “snake,” and the plural suffix “-s.” Morphemes that can stand alone as words are free morphemes; those that cannot are bound morphemes.

 · A morpheme is a form (a sequence of sounds) with a recognizable meaning. Knowing a word's early history, or etymology, may be useful in dividing it into morphemes, but the decisive factor is the form-meaning link.

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