Beagle 2

Beagle 2

Beagle 2 was due to land on Mars on 25th December The spacecraft was successfully ejected from Mars Express on 19th December Nothing has been heard from Beagle 2 and the mission is presumed lost. .

 · Launched on board the European Space Agency’s Mars Express Orbiter, the Beagle 2 spacecraft was due to touchdown on Mars on Christmas Day in Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

 · Beagle-2 lander found on Mars. The UK-led Beagle-2 Mars lander, which hitched a ride on ESA’s Mars Express mission and was lost on Mars since , has been found in images taken by a NASA orbiter at the Red Planet. Beagle-2 was released from its mother craft on 19 December and was due to land six days later.

 · Beagle 2 will land on Isidis Planitia, a large, flat sedimentary basin straddling the relatively young northern plains and ancient southern highlands, where traces of life could have been preserved. The landing site ( o N, o E) is at low latitude to minimise the amount of insulation (and hence mass) needed to protect the lander from.

The Beagle 2 was a British Mars lander that was carried to Mars by the European Space Agency's Mars Express mission. It was an astrobiology mission that was designed to look for past life on the shallow surface of Mars.. The Beagle 2 was conceived by a group of British academics. It was led by Professor Colin Pillinger of the Open University.. The spacecraft successfully arrived in orbit.

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