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Free Moving Timeline and Checklist

How do I make a moving timeline?!? If you are reading this, you will either be moving soon, or you are in the ‘thick of it’ and want to make sure you have everything planned out. So let’s answer this question right now. To help you prepare for a move, here is your moving timeline checklist template to help you have things working for you.

The best moving tip I can give you at this stage is this: Take action every week. Don’t leave it until the end because something always gets left out. Preparing for a move means being proactive.

This moving timeline is a document that will help you get organized and keep the tasks manageable week-to-week while you prepare to move into your first house (or next house). This timeline is best used with your moving binder.

If you don’t have one yet, it’s a good idea to start one here with what you need in a DIY moving binder. Then, grab our moving timeline checklist to help your move.

What Should I do two months before moving?

Your offer is accepted, and now the fun begins! Here are the things you should be doing this week in your moving timeline. This is an excellent 2-month moving checklist to help you organize your ideas and give you enough time to take action every week without feeling overwhelmed.

Thinking about moving out here’s: When should you move out

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Start purging your house by making three piles, donate, sell, and throw away.
  • Call and interview local moving companies and see their packages and services.
  • Start gathering boxes (always look for free moving boxes), or buy reusable bins that you can use for moving. Free moving boxes are always better than buying them and are usually pretty easy to find with a bit of online searching.
  • Print off moving labels and start planning ahead, creating lists for each room in your new house.
  • Moving is very stressful, so make sure you are taking continuous action. It will do wonders for your headspace.
  • Celebrate! You just bought a house!

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7 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Contact the schools and begin the transfer process. Call them about the move and have them get your school records in order.
  • Call your doctor, lawyers, dentist, health care providers, hairdresser, and veterinarian to notify them of the move to the new city and if they have recommendations for anyone in the new state you are moving to.
  • Arrange to have medical records transferred, including all vaccinations, and get all relevant important documents from all of the professionals mentioned.
  • Call and get 3 quotes for insurance on your new home (also ask the real estate agent who is the current insurer on the home as it can be easier since they are already insuring it).
  • Notify the landlord that you are moving on up!
  • Begin putting away the items you rarely use (I’m looking at you, fondue set) in boxes, including any out of season clothing. Make sure to label them with moving stickers.
  • Make a plan to get rid of any food before you move (like that 20 lb bag of rice that was a better deal in bulk. So. Much. Rice.).
  • Start researching moving companies and tips and tricks to help make your move smoother.
  • Create a budget and gather your moving costs to the new address.
  • Plan your moving expenses, and compare costs if you use distance movers.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Get quotes from contractors on what needs to be done at the next house (if anything). If you can afford it, the best time to have a renovation done is before you move in. Unless you like chaos, then by all means, do it after you move.
  • Arrange to have your home cleaned after moving day (the current one and/or the new one depending on your purchase and sale agreements)
  • Pack things that will no longer be used until you move (vases, games, framed collectible Elvis plates… just me?)
  • Pick one of the moving companies if you are using professional movers and finalize the moving date (make a note of the expense in your budget, so you aren’t surprised later on).
  • If you are self-moving, make sure everything is in order and book the moving truck.
  • Book time off work if you will be taking any time off.
  • Cancel your memberships (or transfer them).
  • Finalize your selling pile.

5 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Notify utility companies of your upcoming move and find out what needs to be done to close out or transfer accounts.
  • Contact your mortgage lender to make sure everything is on track.
  • Decide if you will need a storage unit and rent it; now is the time to think about it.
  • Clean out areas of the house that are no longer being used (I’m talking about that corner in the utility room. That “shelving project” didn’t happen. No judging.  It will still be there for you to not do in the next house)
  • Properly dispose of any appliances that will not be coming with you.
  • Organize a garage sale or list the items you want to sell online from your sell pile.
  • Buy any other packing material you might need (sharpies, bubble wrap, tape gun, moving straps).

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What should I do a month before moving?

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Find a babysitter for moving day.
  • Find a pet sitter for moving day.
  • Pack up your closets, leaving only essential clothing for the next month (i.e., you can finally pack up your maid of honor dress from 2 years ago; that project isn’t getting done until the new place)
  • Go to the post office (AKA, the happiest place on earth) and fill out your change of address information. Check to see if you can do it online. 
  • Buy your packing supplies like tape, markers, and boxes.
  • Schedule utilities and service providers for your new home and schedule services for the day or week you move in (internet, cable, etc…)
  • Pack up all non-essential items (yes, that includes the acoustic guitar you haven’t played in a year)

3 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Create a checklist of everything you will need before you move. Pack everything else.
  • Tell your friends and family of the moving date and see if you can trick….errr get them into helping you move (free pizza and craft beer usually work).
  • Buy any appliances and schedule them to be delivered after your move-in date (don’t do it on your possession or move-in day. It’s already a crazy time, and having to be somewhere from 8 until 5 is no way to be that day).
  • Pack up things you will not be using and label them accordingly.
  • Refill any prescriptions you will need in the next month.
  • Empty rooms that aren’t being used and clean thoroughly.
  • Make arrangements to cancel home security for when you move and set up your new home.
  • If you are switching internet providers, change your email address.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Order through Amazon Pantry to have all of your household staples ready for you when you move in.
  • At this point, you are living like a minimalist. See how it feels.
  • Change your address and notify friends and family (it’s ok to forget to tell that one “friend” you’ve been wanting to ditch, c’mon we all have one like that)
  • Notify your work of the change of address
  • Throw away any items that aren’t coming with you, or donate them to goodwill.
  • Notify your bank that you will be moving and the address to forward to
  • If you are moving further away (out of state), make sure to get your vehicle serviced. The last thing you want is a breakdown driving a 1984 Chevette with a cello strapped to the roof on the Interstate (again…just me?!)

1 Weeks Before Moving Day

This week you are living out of boxes. To make sure you are on track, almost everything you have should be packed by now with only the bare necessities out of boxes.

  • Call and confirm with the moving company the details of the move.
  • Drain any machines (chainsaw, weed trimmer, lawn mower) with gas in them.
  • Pack up all your essentials. When you need something take it out and put it back when you’re done with it.
  • Start cleaning the remaining rooms.
  • Confirm the date with whichever of the moving companies you went with.
  • Prepare a night bag for your first night in your new house (remember your toothbrush!)
  • Make sure you have all of these moving day essentials bought and ready to go.
  • Start preparing new address cards to send out and include your email address so people can get ahold of you wherever you go.

1 Day Before Moving Day

  • Pack up your remaining food (yay you got the 20 lbs bag of rice down to 1 lbs bag)
  • Pack up your toiletries.
  • Pack up linens and clothes.
  • Pack up any plants that can fit in boxes
  • Leave a welcome note for the new owners and a forwarding address.
  • Remember to go back for the cleaner you booked a few weeks ago.
  • Perform a final sweep of the old place. It should be completely bare when you leave, but make sure to go through it thoroughly. You would be amazed at how often a box (or child, if you’re my parents) gets missed.

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What Should I Do on Moving Day?

Moving day is when you move from one place to another. Hence the clever name. Deep breath. It can be a fun day if you roll with it. Here is everything you need to make sure happens.

  • All boxes get packed and loaded into the truck.
  • If you are renting an apartment, get the elevator key from the landlord, and your parking permit.
  • Coordinate with friends and family who is taking what and where.
  • Pre-order pizza and pick up drinks (beer is best) for your moving buddies.
  • Take inventory of all of your boxes before you leave and after you arrive at the new place.
  • Clean the new place before you unpack (here’s a list of cleaning supplies)
  • Start and finish any renovations that need to happen before you settle in.
  • Inspect moving boxes (if you are using a moving company).
  • Ensure all your valuables are accounted for.
  • Call utility company and set up accounts with all of the readings.
  • Inspect the house. Is everything that you agree upon in your deal there?
  • Change the locks, or choose a smart lock.
  • Find out where the fuse box is located.
  • Find out where the emergency shut off valve is for the water main.
  • Inspect the windows for any unlocked windows or broken latches.
  • Pay the movers.
  • Childproof and dog-proof your home.
  • Install new appliances and make sure old ones work.
  • Register your vehicle.
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbor.
  • Feed your friends that helped you move.
  • Smile! We know, it’s stressful, but this is a big day and should be enjoyed.
  • Make your new home yours. Decorate it and arrange the furniture to make it yours.
  • Crack the champagne and enjoy!

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This was a lot of information to throw at you. Each week has you doing different packing items. But to make it easier for you, they are all in one place.

  • Week 8: Start 3 piles: Donate, Sell, Burn
  • Week 7: Start packing up unused areas and rooms. Find some free printable labels and label each box
  • Week 5-6: Continue to pack and label boxes of things you will no longer use.
  • Week 4: Pack up anything that won’t be needed until after the move.
  • Week 2-3: Finish packing up all non-essential items and label boxes with moving labels.
  • Week 1: Pack everything and live out of boxes. Have several totes or large boxes ready to go for your last day.
  • After the move, begin unpacking your necessity boxes followed by all of the other boxes in the rooms as you need them.

We just unpacked our last box of belongings 10 years after moving in, turns out we didn’t need the pressure cooker.

After you have gone through moving day there are a lot of things you must do after you move. But for today, just enjoy that you have bought a new place and will love it!

Moving can be stressful, but with a moving plan you can get things done a little at a time and make sure everything is in place and ready for moving day. Taking control and planning to move house early on will save yourself a lot of needless worry. You’ve got this!

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Obviously, this is a lot to take in, so here is our moving checklist timeline. This moving checklist template is for you to make sure you have everything you need (don’t worry, we left out the parts about my sad, sad moving experiences). If you would like our free moving timeline checklist, simply enter your name below, and we will send you this checklist, or you can click here.

Already moved? Here’s thing things you need to do after moving day!