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SubjectRepliesViewsLast Reply Pert: A Good Performance, Particularly as We Changed the Whole Team by NewsTWTD 9 Aug 23:00


0150 Town Draw Reading Away by NewsTWTD 9 Aug 22:35


0207 Ipswich Town 2-0 Bristol Rovers – Player Ratings and Reports by NewsTWTD 9 Aug 22:00


0165 Ipswich Town 2-0 Bristol Rovers – Match Report by NewsTWTD 9 Aug 21:50


0182 TWTD 23/24 Premier League Fantasy League by Metal_Hacker 3 Jul 9:51

After a couple of good years and some superb scoring we’re all set for

2248018 Aug 8:40
by Metal_HackerTownTV International Fans | Full Match Replay spoilers by varnz 9 Aug 4:06

Are there any other International Town fans massively frustrated by th

959710 Aug 2:47
by varnz Reading away ffs (n/t) by SitfcB 9 Aug 22:31

222510 Aug 2:28
by FrimleyBlueDid hutchinson play the burns role tonight? (n/t) by FrimleyBlue 10 Aug 2:16

I’m away for 3 weeks so not watching or listening to any games.

060 Slicker by Metal_Hacker 9 Aug 21:31

Not had a massive amount to do but made a couple of good saves and loo

1184610 Aug 2:15
by FrimleyBlueBit of a mixed bag that by Dubtractor 9 Aug 22:31

Positives Comfortable 2-0 win Slicker was impressive, and looks very

11118910 Aug 2:05
by FrimleyBlue Get innnnnn! by Wallingford_Boy 9 Aug 22:43

Perfect draw!

121010 Aug 1:59
by ITFC_Forever Edwards on his way then. by homer_123 9 Aug 21:17

Shame but we need to free up spaces.

10175410 Aug 1:27
by itfc_bucks Not many of that starting 11 remotely challenge for a league start by textbackup 9 Aug 22:20

Leigh and Ball aside, looked very much a B team in that first half.

16112710 Aug 1:18
by Stenvict Elkan Baggott by Bury_St_Edmundson 9 Aug 21:21

Has looked VERY assured tonight Easy to forget he’s got 16 full ca

11126010 Aug 1:06
by FrimleyBlue So incredibly tired of the media’s fascination with Wrexham by Illinoisblue 9 Aug 22:58

The Sun website headline just now: “Chelsea and Wrexham learn cup op

1353410 Aug 0:41
by quirkie Mark Murphy the new man with the mic at PR by SitfcB 9 Aug 12:22

Very good move! ‘The Club would also like to inform supporters t

21283610 Aug 0:36
by Meadowlark Aluko goal by Samuelowen88 9 Aug 21:27

Beautiful pass by Baggott https://streamable.com/memi67?src=player

5100110 Aug 0:06
by comeonmagiltonLambert ready for a new job – needed time to recover from Ipswich by dusseldorf_blue 9 Aug 16:53

He used to play for Dortmund, well I never! https://www.kicker.de/l

2319729 Aug 23:34
by wkj Just when we thought we escaped that souless bowl (n/t) by gainsboroughblue 9 Aug 22:31

85689 Aug 23:32
by wkj Greg Leigh Appreciation by blaggers 9 Aug 23:07

Can I just say that I thought Greg was MOTM tonight, and that he is su

22869 Aug 23:17
by CuttsyJack Taylor by Hciwspi 9 Aug 23:17

Did well I thought. Took his goal well and did some cracking cross fie

0189Anyone use Now TV for sport and entertainment? by GavTWTD 9 Aug 21:30

Looking at reducing my Sky satellite payments. What’s the delay like o

259459 Aug 23:09
by WicklowBlueHarness by Bury_St_Edmundson 9 Aug 20:29

Did he have an injury last season? I remember him having a real goo

1911199 Aug 23:05
by Vaughan8 Edwards future at Town? [ 2 ] by unstableblue 9 Aug 12:46

I’m a fan of Edwards, last season he never let us down when he came on

3036959 Aug 22:45
by Radlett_blue Second Round draw coming up by wellsy700 9 Aug 22:17

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irGyiQmVAVU Town are ball number 23

67779 Aug 22:39
by Radlett_blue Reading away by Radlett_blue 9 Aug 22:31


22939 Aug 22:37
by SlippinJimmyJuanNice gentle workout by GeoffSentence 9 Aug 22:32

Baggott looked comfortable apart from a couple of misplaced passes. H

0173Jay Simpson by Wickets 9 Aug 19:27

Just read he is off to Northampton on loan .

26189 Aug 22:24
by Bloots Has the attendance been announced yet? by DeepBlueSea 9 Aug 21:37

It’s historically been pretty damn low for the first league cup game

46309 Aug 22:11
by JimInGreensboro Good to hear Aluko’s on by Ryorry 9 Aug 21:13

Come on Sone 👍

52969 Aug 22:10
by Nutkins_ReturnNext round by Wickets 9 Aug 21:55

I fancy Spurs at Portman Rd .

32569 Aug 22:06
by blueasfook TEAM by SitfcB 9 Aug 18:49

1819979 Aug 22:04
by ChampionsofInnsbruckChappers not happy by Samuelowen88 9 Aug 21:44

Being pushed away from the ref at the end. Looked like a few stray

311439 Aug 22:00
by HerbivoreWas that Slicker or Taylor Motm? by Ryorry 9 Aug 21:43

Couldn’t hear.

33949 Aug 21:56
by Ryorry ALERT TONIGHT’S MATCH! [ 2 ] by Daninthecampo 9 Aug 19:30

I have iptv and tonight’s game is showing they’re currently warming u

4330199 Aug 21:54
by SouperJim Isn’t it nice to sail through an early round in a cup game… by vilanovablue 9 Aug 21:34

Makes a change.

22499 Aug 21:45
by WicklowBlueTown Tv by cressi 8 Aug 21:17

Do you have to pay to subscribe on a monthly basis or can you just p

34549 Aug 21:43
by DJRNice one Town 👍 by Ryorry 9 Aug 21:42


091 What a lovely goal by Bobsthename 9 Aug 21:23

Class act Aluko.

0129 Good first half by Bobsthename 9 Aug 20:38

Played some nice stuff and easy on the eye,Rovers ain’t too bad the

44569 Aug 21:13
by DJR