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What, 5 hours have passed and you still haven’t loaded?! Refresh and wait
for it to load :troll:

You have a % chance of triggering a rollback
every time you press a button!

Resize: Raise points by ^ [Up to:

Timewarp: Jump + forward

Timewarp: x pre-Darken speed

0 Dark Energy
Next toning at

You have a total of Dark Tonings.




This game and its mechanics are in the public domain.

v0.2.1: Painful Journey

+ Added the animation for Darkening the Sun.
+ Implemented Darken Challenges.
+ Added 3 new achievements.
+ Added offline progress option.
+ Added Mixed Scientific option.
+ Added more hotkeys.
+ Added icon selector.
+ Added music player.
+ Added save selector.
+ Added welcome screen!
+ Finally released easier modes! 😀
+ Implemented Rediscoveries.

– Removed scalings for now! 😀
– Unlocking a new layer now only flashes once.
– Unlocking a new layer now displays rewards.
– Improved the style for milestones and recall.
– Booster Milestones now hide on Darken.
– A missing “1 Booster” milestone has been added.
– Automation now hides if the content is currently locked.
– Automation options now update on change.
– Nerfed Point Upgrades 6 and 7.
– Consumption now requires 13 boosters.
– Improved Auto Consumption by 1 tick.
– Rebalanced Dark Tonings.
– “Precious” now requires 9 enhances.
– “Time Trial” has been replaced with “One with the Only.”
– Dark Upgrade 4 is now a constant multiplier.
– Changed the formula for Dark Upgrade 5.
– Changed the costs for Dark Upgrades 6 and 7.
– Dark Upgrade 10 now allows you to max tonings.
– Dark Booster’s effect now caps at 1.5x per Dark Toning.
– Heavily nerfed Heatant’s effect.
– Removed couple Recall Resources.
– There is now a hotkey display on each reset.
– Achievement rows now show when you have 7 achievements at previous
– Brought back the original icons.
– Improved offline progress.
– Time now displays minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years.
– Changed the “black” colors to make them more colorful.
– Theme selector now has a dropdown.
– Buttons are no longer thin.
– Tab buttons are now significantly larger.
– Removed Curved News Ticker.
– The version now always show and recolored.

– Player data for Abilities and Recall has been restructured.
– Player data for Boosters and Darken is now unassigned until you unlock respective layers.

v0.2: Frozen Abyss

+ Added a modal for automation.
+ Added automation for Layer 1.
+ Added “respec” and “consume” confirmations.
+ Added 4 new Booster stats.
+ Added “next at” for Dark Tonings and Dark Energy.
+ Added 9 more Dark Upgrades.
+ Added 3 Darken mechanics: Abilities, Recall, and Alloying.
+ Added 10 more achievements.
+ Added “scalings” tab in stats.
+ Added hotkeys.
+ Added new music by DaBlueTurnip09.
+ Added more news ticker messages, of course.

– Main tab is now reformatted and less confusing.
– Changed the icons for Buildings and Boosters! (by meta)
– Boosters now superscale at 250.
– Rebalanced Enhancements for post-Consumption.
– Heavily nerfed “remaining boosters” for consumption by 75%.
– Dark World now shows a different background.
– Scattered automation options into Main tab.
– Merged “news ticker” options.
– Changed save format. (you can still import with the old format in
– Loading screen now changes each time we add a new layer.
– Removed lore for now… 🙁

v0.1: Release

+ Added 1 Point upgrade.
– Moved consumption into “Main” tab.
+ Implmented Darken and Dark Upgrades.
+ Added an endgame screen.
+ Added achievement rewards.
+ Added a news ticker. [and there are a LOT of messages]
– Fixed a lot of bugs!

Beta: Build 1 – 2

+ Added Makers, Generators, Producers, Factories, and Boosters.
+ Added 6 upgrades.
+ Added the beginning of the Dark World: Consumption.
+ Added settings, 8 new themes, credits, lore, changelog, and
+ Added milestones.

Allow it to consume you.

By darkening the sun…
You will reset everything before this point, as well as Boosters and
You will unlock Darken Upgrades and Booster Enhancements to speed up
your journey.

Each recall is based on its resource. Points boost Point Recall, Dark
Energy boosts Energy Recall, and Dark Matter boosts Dark Recall.
The recall base is equal to the product of all three recall factors,
and it boosts how much of extra resources you get.
You can increase each recall factor to nerf it, while providing a
greater variety of resources upon a Darken reset.

Get 100 Recall Base to gain extra resources.

(Recall Base)

Point Recall:

Energy Recall:

Dark Recall:

Hover over a resource’s name to see its requirements.

These conversions scale based on your products.
Fusing will lose resources needed, and will gain products in

Resources to exchange: