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What Other Total Recall Learners Have to Say:

Being in the tech world, and part of a global technology company, my job requires me to learn new and complex information rapidly. I then teach that information to team members so they can share it effectively with our customers.

I’ve taken other courses to boost my abilities and enhance my job performance, but did not experience the increases I wanted.

Then, I discovered Total Recall Learning and it was so customized, I was able to accelerate my learning process significantly.

Pat has a unique skill set because she is a learning and reading expert, as well as a university instructor with a strong understanding of neuroscience and how the brain learns. Her skill set is precisely what made all the difference for me.

The information and strategies in this course not only helped me uncover hidden roadblocks but opened new systems to maximize my full learning potential. Because of this, I was able to gain the competitive edge I always wanted.

The result: As a team leader I was paid a significant project bonus and used my new found faster learning skills to help my company obtain a multi million dollar contract.

Thank you Pat for your caring and compassion, as well as your exceptional learning expertise. You got me the results I wanted more quickly than I ever imagined!

–Chris Sanichar, Solutions Architect, Canada

Even though I thought I knew what I’d studied and was prepared, I was having trouble with recall during my exams.

I knew if I could not pass the exams with higher scores, I would not obtain my license to become a First Assistant Surgical Technician.

The information and insights in this course helped me not only pass my exams but achieve my dream career. I now work side by side with the surgeons in the operating room!

Thank you is not enough for helping me live my purpose and help new patients every day.

–Jai Simpson, AK

I called Pat after being in a horrible car accident and experiencing a severe traumatic brain injury. I had to relearn everything and went through 8 months of rehabilitation.

In my search to change careers and become a Soil Food Web Microbiologist, I discovered that all the information I was finding online about learning new things was not working for me.

Once I spoke with Pat she recommended that I try the Total Recall Learning course and told me I could personalize it by asking her specific questions along the way.

I just sent her this email about my results:

Dear Pat, I want to thank you so much for all your help. I just finished the fourth and last Foundation course in the Soil Food Web Microbiology Program.

I finished with a 4.0 GPA! My scores were 98%, 95%, 94% and 98%!

I couldn’t have had the confidence to even try it without you. After months of trying other programs that did not work for me, I used your exact system and achieved exactly what I wanted. I will always be grateful to you!

–Suzanne Shea, PA

As a master copywriter, I am always seeking new ways to improve my service to my clients. One of the best ways I can do that is to speed up my own learning, memory and reading skills.

Inside this course, I learned strategies I never heard of before. The hi-tech speed reading technique alonehelped me triple my reading speed without weeks of the endless drills I found in other courses.

This means I can complete projects faster and serve more clients, resulting in higher income.

You can apply this things you learn in this course instantly and I’m happy to say they will make a noticeable difference in your ability to learn, read and retain new information.

Russell Martino, ConquestCopyWriter.com

Finding this course made a real difference in many areas of my life.

I recently completed a course of study and was on-track hopefully, to be accepted into a Ph.D. program.

But, as circumstances changed in the world, I found myself living at home again, working full time, and updating my resume to pursue the Ph.D. program I want.

What I discovered while working at home is two things: One – I needed ways to establish a good balance between home and work, and the other, is that I had the extra time to maximize my learning and reading skills so I’d be even more prepared when I finally become a full time student again.

This course helped me with both.

Besides learning new ways to quickly and positively motivate myself, I was able to get more done in less time as I worked.

The biggest gem of all in this course for me is the hi-tech reading strategy.

I am already a good reader, but discovered that using this speed reading strategy massively upgraded my skills.

What this means for me is that once I’m a full time student again, I have new learning and reading strategies that will positively contribute to my studies and help me achieve my goals more easily.

I’m so grateful to Pat for teaching this course and if you’re a student, I can promise you’ll get everything you’re looking for and more…

–Nafisa Shamin, Bangladesh

Pat is an extraordinary thought leader and visionary in her field and we share her strategies with educators world-wide to help them personalize and improve student learning.

We were so inspired by one of Pat’s books that our global head of education included a chapter in it. Thank you Pat for the important and very effective work you do training people globally with the most essential skill of all – ‘how to learn’.

–J. Baptist, Microsoft