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” Programmed memories “

Paul Verhoeven is known for his shock films, and his statements are just as much. In 2012, when his cult sci-fi film Total Recall received a remake, Subtitled Scheduled Memories and worn by Colin Farrell, he didn’t mince words about this new version.

” Total Recall ” is a science fiction action film, he goes out to the United States and Canada the 03 August 2012.

This is the second film adaptation of the
American movie, Canadian


Synopsis: Modest worker, Douglas Quaid dreams of escaping from his frustrating life. The implantation of memories offered by the Rekall company seems to him the ideal escape. Treat yourself to secret agent memories would be perfect … But when the implantation procedure goes wrong, Quaid finds himself hunted by the police. He can’t trust anyone anymore, except perhaps to a stranger who works for a mysterious underground resistance. Very quickly, the line between imagination and reality blurs. Who is Quaid, and what is his fate ? »

Colin Farrell East Doug Quaid

Kate Beckinsale East Lori

Bryan Cranston East Vilos Cohaagen

Jessica Biel East Melina

Bill Nighy East Four

John Cho East McClane 

I had the opportunity to see the film in the splendor of’ AMC ETX last night and I counted five MonoTracer observations. Three of them are at the start of the film with the 2 last towards the end and the closing scene. The pilot and owner of the MonoTracer, Justin Clarke, provided their own MonoTracer MTI-1200 and support days for a few weeks of shooting in Canada in August 2011. Justin also plays an extra in the movie disguised as a cop (see photo above). His MonoTracer was presented as a futuristic police vehicle. You can see a preview of the MonoTracer with Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) allowing a “FaceTime” video call with his boss Cohaagen on the side window via the touch of his integrated cell phone by hand at the minute 2:06 du Total Recall 2012 Trailer n ° 2.

Scene 1: Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) touching the side window of the Police MonoTracer in Total Recall 2012 to allow a “FaceTime” video call with his boss Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston). MonoTracer pilot and owner Justin Clarke plays an additional police officer with a helmet to the right of this scene.

Scene 2: Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) makes a hand-integrated cellular video call with the MonoTracer MTI-1200 side glazing with its Cohaagen boss.

Ever-futuristic MonoTracer enjoys first big-screen debut in new film Total Recall 2012 by Len Wiseman with Colin Farell and the talented and gorgeous superstar actresses Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.

A handful of Total Recall still images : Generalist work including modeling, texturing, visual development and lighting.

As with any science fiction film, there are some advanced machines involved. An army of police robots has sold their will on the world, and cars no longer need wheels, because they levitate. These flying cars in the film are Chrysler branded, but the automaker says we shouldn’t be living in a fantasy world: the year 2084 takes a long time to wait for an exciting driving experience. So they offer us the Chrysler instead 200 Cabriolet, which is supposed to be an unreal flying machine.

Although Total Recall’s new monster budget remake of the years 90 was filmed in Toronto for almost two months, the action so far has been mostly limited to the soundscape of the Pinewood studios on Commissioners Street in Portland. Earlier this week, however, production has become much more public.

With stars Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel in tow, the film crews went down to Lake Shore Avenue East to shoot one of what will likely be a number of chase scenes in the film 200 millions of dollars, most expensive to be shot in Toronto to date. I’m not one to admire celebrities, but I’ve always been fascinated by the behind-the-scenes shots of film productions, especially those who promise to present special effects. Although I have little difficulty in suspending disbelief at the theater, it remains intriguing to see what filmmakers and editors have to work with, even if it’s always less exciting than the final product.

The location is CIBC Commerce Court, Melinda Street, Financial District, happening in downtown Toronto.

Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell in the filming of Total Recall Movie in a futuristic hovering car…

Toronto, Canada 26.07.11 Dominic Chan WENN.com

Toronto, Canada 26.07.11 Dominic Chan WENN.com

Toronto, Canada 26.07.11 Dominic Chan WENN.com

Toronto, Canada 26.07.11 Dominic Chan WENN.com

Toronto, Canada 26.07.11 Dominic Chan WENN.com

Police Car Chase – Total Recall filming in Toronto

Toronto, Canada 26.07.11 Dominic Chan / WENN.com

Total Recall 1990

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