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One of the most successful science-fiction writers this world has ever seen is Philip K. Dick. His stories are known for being excessively engaging and deeply philosophical at the same time. They incorporate themes that were quite ahead of their time. Several stories written by Dick have been adapted into successful on-screen productions. ‘Blade Runner‘ is the most popular example. Others include the Tom Cruise-starring ‘Minority Report,’ and ‘Philip Dick’s Electric Dreams.’ The 1990 movie, ‘Total Recall‘ is another popular example.

The movie revolves around a construction worker named Douglas Quaid who finds himself being embroiled in espionage related to the planet Mars. He keeps getting a recurring dream of Mars till he realizes that it is a false memory implanted in his brain. However, the people behind the implant now want him dead.

The role of Quaid is essayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger who needs no introduction whatsoever.  Sharon Stone, on the other hand, plays the role of Lori Quaid. Other cast members include Michael Ironside, Rachel Tichotin, and Ronny Cox. ‘Total Recall’ was one of the most expensive movies made at the time of its release but fortunately managed to rake in over $261 million. Plus, it was also received well by critics for its quick pacing.

Total Recall Filming Locations

‘Total Recall’ is a movie that is set in the year 2084. For the time that the film was released in, ‘Total Recall’ manages to portray its sci-fi setting rather convincingly. Some of the scenes of the film are also set on the planet of Mars. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the movie was filmed.


A large chunk of the filming for ‘Total Recall’ was actually carried out in Mexico. Most of the filming was carried out in a studio since the story demanded the recreation of literally otherworldly locations. The production facility used for filming was Estudios Churubusco in Mexico City. Here, scenes set in the colony on Mars and in Pyramid Mines were filmed.

@BrutalHouse Heroico Collegio Militar, Mexico City. As seen in Total Recall (the good one). pic.twitter.com/9z1dxxh7tx

— Gordon Chipshopforks (@chipshopforks) November 20, 2015

Brutalist architecture in Mexico City
from Total Recall (Dir. Paul Verhoeven,1990)
—http://t.co/MbhnAzIir6 pic.twitter.com/ouTMIzC4hI

— This Brutal House (@BrutalHouse) July 16, 2014

.@agarciabogliano just took me to a bunch of TOTAL RECALL film sites in Mexico City. Amazing. #JohnnyCab pic.twitter.com/YiuSeHw6Dd

— Ted Geoghegan (@tedgeoghegan) November 3, 2015

Next, Quaid’s apartment building and the city that he resides in was actually filmed at Heroico Colegio Militar in Mexico City. Metro Chabacano was where the interiors of the metro station were filmed. Metro Insurgentes station, on the other hand, was used for the subway’s entrance. The exteriors of the Rekall company premises were filmed at 280 Av. Barranca del Muerto in Guadeloupe Inn. Another Mexican location used for filming was Hyatt Regency Mexico City.

.@no_durians is in Mexico City and just visited the Total Recall subway stop! pic.twitter.com/gVmEPm51Lx

— Borvis (@Borvis_) February 2, 2020

Total Recall on ITV now (the @Schwarzenegger original), shot in Mexico City. I found some of the filming locations: pic.twitter.com/UxIC4uRcj1

— Oli Mould (@olimould) July 22, 2016


Apart from Mexico, filming was also carried out in the state of Nevada. The Valley of Fire State Park was used to film the Mars landscape.

We are here where @Schwarzenegger filmed the Mars scene in Total Recall! #favoritemovie #nevada #livingmybestlife #myhusbandandI pic.twitter.com/qP5mVe36CI

— Julie Tower (@juliesjcomedy) May 6, 2019

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